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Finally, a high-performing, user-friendly blockchain for dapp developers to build on.

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Meet Telos, an EOSIO blockchain


Telos is a next generation blockchain that runs the same codebase as EOS. Telos is supported by over 50 Block Producers and its very own Foundation. Telos never ICOed, but rather bootstrapped itself and launched as a fully functional network in December of 2018. It’s awesome.

Fast and scalable

Telos is crazy fast, producing blocks every 0.5 seconds. Up to 8,000 transactions per second are currently possible.

Cheap and stable

A community grant program guarantees that the first 1 million user accounts on Telos are free to create. Moreover, RAM – a secondary token that allocates computational resources – is cheap and stable.

Proprietary Code

EOS requires dapps to open-source their code. Not Telos. You have every right to deploy proprietary technology to the Telos blockchain.

User friendly

Spending crypto and managing keypairs creates friction for end users. With Telos, your users can interact with your dapp like any ordinary web app.

Developer friendly

Build powerful contracts in C++. Easily port dapps from EOS (or any other EOSIO sisterchain) to Telos. Join a welcoming developer community.

Get started


1 Install the Sqrl or Scatter wallets to manage your tokens.

2 Visit Telos on GitHub and set up the Telos developer environment.

3 Dig into Telos or EOS developer guides. Join the “Telos Community” channel on Telegram and ask for help from friendly Telos devs.

4 Build your dream dapp today, for free on the test network. When you’re ready to go live, pick up some TLOS from these exchanges:


dapps deployed ON and joining telos: